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Social Accounts

Social accounts or social media accounts in ombaQ are in the form of Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram account. Currently ombaQ does not support managing a Facebook profile.

Individual Social Account


In order to manage your social media accounts, ombaQ has a lot features to offer. ombaQ encourages you to elevate your Social Media value. This is one of ombaQ strength that assist you make better and more creative content.

How to publish/schedule single content

Publish Content Feature is a feature that helps to post content immediately, in other hand, Schedule Content Feature is a feature that helps you to plan your content for some time planned.

We will empower your post by tailoring your post into media post. This will bring your post to another level, by making it look a like cards on twitter or facebook link shared post.

Components of publishing form

Target Accounts

  1. Your social accounts are listed at the left side of dialog.
  2. Mark the checkbox next to a social account to select it as a publishing target.
    Tips: Cannot find your social account? Register them to ombaQ and make sure you have the right to publish.
    Note: You need to have both Instagram app and the latest ombaQ mobile app to publish to Instagram. Read more about Instagram publishing here.


  1. Write content by typing directly in textbox.
  2. Add a link reference by typing or pasting directly into textbox. This action may generate link preview and open media form below textbox.
  3. Add an image/video to content by clicking below textbox. This action will open media form below textbox.
    Tips: Some social media limit the amount of media you can post. In addition to that, others have multiple possible presentations of media in a single post. Pay attention to Content Previews panel while editing content. Switching preview mode from Post to Media and filling media attributes in media form may affect what your content will look like.


  1. Click Labels below textbox to open label field.
  2. Add label by typing keywords separated by comma/whitespace in label field, e.g. fashion, health, traveling.
    Note: adding label helps in filtering contents at Content Insights. Read more about labeling here.

  1. Toggle option to shorten link inside your content by clicking Shorten URLs switch below textbox.
    Note: Shortening will convert any link into right when the content is about to be published (link will not be converted during editing). Shortening link enables ombaQ to provide link clicks data in Content Insights page. Read more about shortening link here.

Datetime Picker

  1. Open schedule section by clicking next to Publish button.
  2. Add a schedule day by selecting a date in calendar. This action will create a schedule list with time field.
  3. Edit the time by typing directly at time field, or click to use clock picker.
  4. Add more days by selecting more dates in calendar.
  5. Add more times in a day by clicking next to a date in schedule list.
  6. Delete a schedule by clicking next to its time field.
  7. Delete schedules for an entire day by deselecting a selected date in calendar.

How to schedule in bulk

Bulk scheduling provides a way to simultaneously schedule multiple contents from a single file. You might want to add it into your workflow if you are already using the regular scheduling because, honestly, it will save a lot of your time!

Every social media has their own requirements. We are trying our best to help you fulfill them by giving a warning as you click the Publish button or a red marking by your content(s) so that you could construct your content properly. At some point, you will stumble upon error(s). Do not panic. Some of your contents just need a little bit of fixing.

Notice that closing dialog will not discard your draft. This way you could postpone your bulk scheduling and continue it later on. However, there is still a way to remove it when you need to.

Instagram scheduling

Monitoring scheduled contents


ombaQ applies one time registration for each social account. That means ombaQ only expects one user to know authentication information such as username and password when registering a social account into it. Other users will be given access to that social account when the registrant invite them to collaborate. This collaboration method is encouraged to prevent excessive sharing of authentication information between users.


To carry out collaboration while limiting credential sharing of social account, ombaQ provides the concept of organization. Organization is a role mapping structure between social accounts and ombaQ users. It is optional but useful when a user plan to manage their social accounts with other users. By default a user has no organization.

Team of Organization

In Organization, you will work as Team. The team consists of Owner, Admin and Member. Creator of organization will assume the role of organization Owner, therefore, Owner also take responsibility to keep the subscription active by paying for subscription. An organization Owner and Admin can invite other users to that organization. Admin is being chose by Owner. These users will have the role of organization Member.

Social Accounts in Organization

An ombaQ user will have complete and exclusive permission to all social accounts they registered outside organization. That permission includes activities such as observing timeline, posting, commenting, giving likes, etc. By creating organization and putting social accounts into it, Admin can determine the permission mapping of Member to social accounts.

Attention: Unable to add more social media if it had reached limit of social media account.

Adjusting Organization

When you extends your subscription plan to other, it may require you to do some adjusting. Primarily, when numbers of members, social accounts and scheduled post are all decreased. ombaQ will accomodate you by giving you short time to decide which one(or more) to let go.


Listening or monitoring involves observing social media streams for any changes in trend or any inquiry from customer toward a certain product or content in social media. ombaQ user can observe multiple accounts at once using streams.

In ombaQ, streams are in the form of panels. Each panel contains posts of a social media account. Based on their context, posts are clustered together into a channel, e.g. news feed, private message, favorited posts, etc. In ombaQ a stream is a representation of a channel.


Account Insights

Account Insights is an analytic feature to gain insights about social accounts. Account Insights has a dashboard which lists all social accounts you manage along with their follower growth summaries. In addition to that, each social account has its detail page that shows more metrics.

Content Insights

Content Insights is an analytic feature to gain insights about published posts.

Custom Metrics

Custom Metrics is another analytic feature that focuses in gaining insights about social accounts. The number and the type of metrics (also called as widget) in Custom Metrics can be personalized to match your preference.


ombaQ offers a few different plans to help you manage your account better. The Awesome and Professional Plans are ideal for individual users who want to manage their social profiles and also retrieve basic analytical data of their shared contents. The Team Plans (Small and Medium Team) are ideal for teams and agencies who want to manage their business or client social profiles, invite team members to collaborate and also be able to download reports of analytical data.

Individual Plan

ombaQ offers you Awesome and Professional Plan to meet your individual needs. The Awesome Plan is automatically subscribed to you the moment you register yourself to ombaQ. If you need to manage more accounts, ombaQ offers you the Professional Plan, a plan with a lot more benefits that comes with a price. By subscribing into Professional Plan, you’re able to add up to 7 social media accounts.

Subscribe to Professional Plan

Extend your Professional Plan

Team Plan

ombaQ lets you do your work in teams (Read more about Team)[#collaboration]. To build a team, you should subscribe to one of the Team Plans. ombaQ offers you two kind of Team Plans, which consist of Small Plan and Medium Plan. You can choose a plan that suit you and your team.

New Organization Team Plan

Upgrade or Extend Team Plan

Subscription Status


Payment Transaction

ombaQ provides you with easy payment transaction’s terms provided by certain third party. User can choose between bank transfer and credit card.

Payment Confirmation

If you do the payment transaction by bank transfer. You need to confirm your payment. You have 24 hours to complete your payment transaction.

Please Note: If you pay via Bank Transfer, your account will be added, but it is frozen until you confirm your payment. After you confirm your payment, your account will be activated. If your confirmation is not deemed to be valid according to our third party, we will deactivate your account immediately.

Transaction History

If you need to be informed about any transaction you have done. Please see Transaction History.